Hizzonah Wannabees

Below is the list of all candidates for mayor of Boston. Click on a name to get to the campaign website. David James Wyatt does not seem to have a web presence, and Charles Yancey only posts a site for his city council campaign (yes, he is running for re-election as the Mattapan district councilor as well as for mayor.) Read up and make your decision. Not all that much time left before the preliminary election on Tuesday, September 24. You may not get a chance like this for another twenty years.

Felix Arroyo, Jr.

John F. Barros

Charles L. Clemons, Jr.

Dan Conley

John Connolly

Robert Consalvo

Charlotte Golar-Richie

Michael Ross

Bill Walczak

Martin Walsh

David James Wyatt

Charles Yancey


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