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June 23, 2014

99 Tremont Street apartments

The Boston Redevelopment Authority is hosting a meeting regarding a proposal to build apartments at the long-vacant property at 99 Tremont Street, just outside Oak Square.  It will be held Wednesday, June 25 at 6PM at the Presentation School Foundation, 640 Tremont Street, Brighton.  The property has been an empty lot since a fire destroyed the previous building in 1979.  If I remember correctly, at least one of the displaced tenants was part of Boston-based band The Cars.

June 25, 2013

Fire at 26 Ashford Street

A Sunday night fire at 26 Ashford Street in Allston has left six people homeless. The owner of record is Lenore Ryan, who lives nearby on Wadsworth Street, although the deed that transferred the property to her in May 1997 records a Boca Raton, Florida address. The city of Boston lists it as a two-family with an assessed value of $546,200.

The area has been the scene of two other fires over the past year and a half, at 84 Linden Street and across the street at 87, with one resulting in a death and another in serious injury. Map here. Last I checked, 87 Linden Street was boarded up and 84 Linden Street had been demolished. Three gutted homes within blocks of each other are not a good thing for the neighborhood.

April 28, 2013

One dead in Allston fire

Photo courtesy of BFD

Photo courtesy of BFD

A fire this morning at 87 Linden Street in Allston has left one person dead and 15 people injured. Six of the injured were firefighters, the others were residents of the house. The BFD arrived at the location at about 6:35AM.

City records list the owner as Anna Belakurova of the same address. Since she does not take the residential exemption, it is doubtful she lives there. The property is taxed as a two-family with an assessed value of $615,500. She purchased the property in January 2002 for $690,000. At the time she listed her address as 34 Westgate Road in West Roxbury.

January 2012 there was a fire across the street at 84 Linden that left a student with a brain injury when he escaped by jumping out a window.

February 4, 2013

Blaze hits Oak Square home

4 Langley Fire
Last night at about 9:40PM a fire broke out at 4 Langley Road near Oak Square. The six residents, three in each apartment, escaped unharmed. According to the Boston Fire Department, the two-family home suffered $300,000 in damage. The flames are believed to have started in a first floor bedroom.

Photo courtesy of BFD

April 19, 2012

Watch where you toss that butt

A fire hit a three-family home at 737 Cambridge Street, Brighton (opposite St. E’s) just after midnight today. According to the Boston Fire Department, apparently someone tossed a cigarette onto a mattress in the back yard, it caught fire and the flames then climbed the porches to the top floor.

Investigators noticed lots of cigarette butts in the yard, so someone in that house was not paying attention. And obviously, the landlord wasn’t either. The property, assessed at $543,500, is owned by Peter Nowd of Needham. Three units rented to a total of 12 people must generate a nice income. Every room must be used to sleep in, though, only six bedrooms among all three apartments. Peter has been using the property as a piggy bank, opening a $150,000 equity line against it in 2006. He has had an interest in the property, through a real estate trust or directly with his wife, since at least 1980.

Photo via Boston Fire Department.

April 18, 2012

Fire hits Glenville Ave.

An Allston laundromat went up in flames around 3:30 this morning.

The business was in a commercial block along Glenville Avenue. (above photo via Boston Fire Department)

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February 13, 2012

Fire victim starts long recovery process

Josh Goldenberg, the BU student who jumped from a window to escape a January 22 fire at 84 Linden Street, Allston, has come out of his coma and started rehab, according to BU’s Daily Free Press.

UPDATE – The owners of the house are listed as Chitz Sung and and Sue Hua Chang, of Clinton, Massachusetts. They purchased the property in September of 2011 for $572,500, well above its assessed value of $434,800. There were reports at the time of the fire that the house had been converted to a multi-family dwelling.

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February 12, 2012

Fire hits 160 Chestnut Hill Avenue

The commercial block at 160 Chestnut Hill Avenue has been destroyed by a fire that broke out just before 6 this morning. (photo via Boston Fire Department)

UPDATED at 2 PM: The fire is continuing, due to a gas line. National Grid has been called in to excavate the street and shut off the line. Apparently the fire started in the pizza parlor on the right in the photo below. (photo via Google)

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January 25, 2012

Putting this out could be your next job

Sunday morning, January 22, eight BU students fled a fire at 84 Linden Street in Allston. Two leaped from windows, according to the Boston Globe. One student was critically injured.

if you are interested in making a career of dealing with this, the Boston Fire Department is hiring. Apply here.

Photo courtesy of BFD website.


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