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June 25, 2013

Fire at 26 Ashford Street

A Sunday night fire at 26 Ashford Street in Allston has left six people homeless. The owner of record is Lenore Ryan, who lives nearby on Wadsworth Street, although the deed that transferred the property to her in May 1997 records a Boca Raton, Florida address. The city of Boston lists it as a two-family with an assessed value of $546,200.

The area has been the scene of two other fires over the past year and a half, at 84 Linden Street and across the street at 87, with one resulting in a death and another in serious injury. Map here. Last I checked, 87 Linden Street was boarded up and 84 Linden Street had been demolished. Three gutted homes within blocks of each other are not a good thing for the neighborhood.

January 25, 2012

Putting this out could be your next job

Sunday morning, January 22, eight BU students fled a fire at 84 Linden Street in Allston. Two leaped from windows, according to the Boston Globe. One student was critically injured.

if you are interested in making a career of dealing with this, the Boston Fire Department is hiring. Apply here.

Photo courtesy of BFD website.


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