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April 19, 2012

Watch where you toss that butt

A fire hit a three-family home at 737 Cambridge Street, Brighton (opposite St. E’s) just after midnight today. According to the Boston Fire Department, apparently someone tossed a cigarette onto a mattress in the back yard, it caught fire and the flames then climbed the porches to the top floor.

Investigators noticed lots of cigarette butts in the yard, so someone in that house was not paying attention. And obviously, the landlord wasn’t either. The property, assessed at $543,500, is owned by Peter Nowd of Needham. Three units rented to a total of 12 people must generate a nice income. Every room must be used to sleep in, though, only six bedrooms among all three apartments. Peter has been using the property as a piggy bank, opening a $150,000 equity line against it in 2006. He has had an interest in the property, through a real estate trust or directly with his wife, since at least 1980.

Photo via Boston Fire Department.


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