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April 7, 2013

Accessorizing in Allston, and other tweets

“Plaid shirt, beard, winter hat, skinny jeans, a man purse. An excerpt from How to Accessorize like Every Dude in Allston.” @sarahiscrazy

“Homeless man just poked me, I am now one with the city.” @Maddiewashere

“When you walk into FroyoWorld Frozen Yogurt Lounge in Allston you feel like you are in Disneyland” @BostonGlobe

October 8, 2012

Columbus Weekend Tweets

@invisiblelady65: Overheard on the #57 #Allston/”I had to break up with her, her over- enunciating drive me f*cking nuts!”

@zeynepx: I hear people outside my window screaming in a new language every morning #Allston

Jesi ‏@messyjesi I’m at Boston Police D-14 (Brighton, MA)
(editorial note: no explanation as to why the mess was there)

March 20, 2012

What St. Patrick’s followers might have posted on Twitter

From this past weekend:

Katy Love ‏ @ktlove Close
OH last night on Brighton in Allston “Where are we? Are we in the North End?” Wonder if they’ve sobered up yet, cause dang, that’s drunk.

Sarah Groh ‏ @sarahgroh
It’s barely noon & #allston already looks like a sh*tshow – as it should be! #stpatricksday #bostonpride


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