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August 20, 2013

Mayor’s race survey polls, but for whom?

Recently, just before 9PM, I received a call that plumbed my concerns, biases and opinions about the mayoral race. It was a quite detailed inquiry that lasted more than twenty minutes. Most of the questions were in regard to education and charter schools, with what seemed to be a bias against raising the charter school cap and devoting more money to them. The company did not identify who they were polling for. I was given a choice of five candidates to vote for, Conley, Golar-Richie, Arroyo, Connolly and Walsh. I declared myself undecided, even though that was not an offered option. There were some questions that seemed to be anti-John Connolly, although it could also have been his campaign testing how attacks on his pro-charter school stance might affect his support.

March 24, 2012

BPS school assignment hearing

The student assignment process for Boston’s public schools will be the topic at a meeting the school department is holding this morning at 11. It will be held at the Jackson Mann School in Union Square. A new plan is being devised, and they want to hear from parents.
Visit their website,, for more information and to send feedback online.


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