84 Linden Street & the latest “crackdown”

Two mailboxes at what's left of 84 Linden

There are lots of news reports about the city’s sweep of rental housing in Allston. The fire that prompted this hit 84 Allston Street and ended up with one student severely injured.

The house is listed as a single-family with both the Assessing and Inspectional Services Departments. As you can see from the above photo, taken after the fire, its actual use was probably different. Questions about the legal occupancy go back to 1975, according to documents at the Building Division. The previous owner, David Fay, got a permit to expand the living space into the basement, although it looked to me from the permit that he was really adding another apartment. But Mr. Fay did quite well. He bought it for $220,000 in 1998 and sold it in September of last year for $572,000.


This carriage house in the rear, pictured below, appears to have been unused at the time of the fire. The area behind the house was lovely. Completely paved over.


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