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April 11, 2013

BC students charged with trashing Gerald Road apartment

Six BC seniors have been charged with trashing an apartment on Gerald Road in Brighton last month. In the course of their rampage they damaged a gas line attached to a basement dryer, resulting in a dangerous leak. One of the students confessed when a call reporting the leak to NStar was traced to him, according to a press release from the Suffolk County DA’s office. Each student has retained his own attorney. More details on

March 24, 2013

BPD take a breather from BU parties, break up BC bash

Taking their cue from the partying habits of BU students on Ashford and Pratt Streets in Allston, well over one hundred BC undergrads crammed themselves into the basement and backyard of 16 Gerald Road, Brighton on the evening of March 16. Police responded to a noise complaint and ended up seizing a couple of beer kegs. The crowd made a fast exit once they realized the BPD has arrived. The 2-family house is owned by Richard Cohen, who lists that as his address although he does not get the owner-occupant tax exemption.

April 11, 2012

Not the ending we were hoping for

The body of Franco Garcia, the BC student who has been missing since late February, was found in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir this morning.

March 12, 2012

It didn’t start with the Beanpot

The battle between Boston College and Harvard has been going on a while, at least since Harvard decided in 1893 that a Jesuit degree was not enough when it came to applying to law school.

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March 8, 2012

Two weeks later, still no clue in BC student disappearance

The family of Franco Garcia has not given up hope or the search.

February 28, 2012


Boston College student Franco Garcia has been missing since Wednesday, February 22 when he left MaryAnn’s, a Cleveland Circle bar. A resident of West Newton, he has not been heard from since. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Newton Police Department at 617-796-2100.


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