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March 20, 2013

Sharing the road, bikes & cars

A spate of injuries and deaths of bicyclists has prompted the city to take a look at the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue between Kenmore Square and Packard Corner. On an experimental basis, Brighton Avenue will be getting enhanced shared bike/car lane markings, according to Boston Bikes. It involves adding signs and markings in phases starting this spring.

I’ve wondered if having bike lanes on side streets where possible, rather than main roads, would make for a more relaxing, and safer, road for bike riders. The few times I have ridden from Oak Square to Kenmore have been harrowing. On a visit to New York I found traveling along Manhattan’s avenues on two wheels was similarly scary, while the cross streets were fine.

March 20, 2013

Plow damages 20 cars on Comm. Ave.

Car owners suspect a city of Boston plow was responsible for damage to twenty vehicles along Commonwealth Avenue near BC. The cars were hit Tuesday night.


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