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March 7, 2013

Crime fighters looking for new recruits

The job features challenges such as dealing with student parties in Allston, late-night craziness on Harvard Avenue, shootings in Dorchester, and break-ins everywhere. Plus your exploits get chronicled on the BPD website and various other media outlets in Greater Boston. Check out one of the information sessions.

March 7, 2013

Woman has handbag stolen, then threatened with gun

A woman had her purse snatched as she entered her apartment building at 50 Englewood Road on last Thursday at 5:30PM. As she chased the thief down Strathmore Road, hollering “Give me back my bag, I’ll give you all my cash,” he stopped, turned and pointed a handgun at her, demanding “Give me all your cash or I will shoot you.” At that point an unknown man shouted to leave her alone, causing the thief to drop the bag and flee in his car, which was parked on Strathmore. Despite a call to area police vehicles they were not able to apprehend the suspect. Information obtained from BPD report.


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